Doug Smith, Pharm.D.

     Doug Smith graduated from University of the Sciences with a doctorate of pharmacy degree (PharmD) in 2007. He was one of only a few in his class selected to complete a pharmacy rotation in Bethel, Alaska where he learned about the native culture and how to treat patients in a harsh and unforgiving environment. He has worked for two major retail pharmacy chains over the past several years, but has always wanted to break away from the corporate world in order to provide the same level of customer service and counseling that he experienced in Alaska. In 2013, Doug became an owner at Old City Pharmacy where he was able to work with his community and clean up the neighborhood. 

     Over the past few years, Doug has developed many specialized skills in non-sterile prescription compounding and has completed areas of study specific for analgesic pain, hormone replacement therapy, dermatology, and advanced non-sterile compounding.   Now as pharmacy manager with TMT Pharmaceutical Management, Doug is incorporating his knowledge and experience gained from retail, independent, and compounding pharmacies to develop pharmaceutical solutions that cannot be found at your normal retail drug store.